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Sierra Leone

Dr. Mike and Mrs Diane Peper

Vicki and Abdul Conteh

January, 2020

Greetings from Sierra Leone, 

Last month we were able to complete the Beguima Church building and conducted the dedication service with a standing-room-only congregation.  At the close of the service we were able to witness 55 adults coming to Christ. Everyone left with such a tremendous spirit of excitement and enthusiasm. We had an additional 73 adults saved in our churches during the month of December. 

The walls are up on the Mabanta church and school building.  The roof will be completed by the end of January. We will then install the school furniture, and classes will begin the first week of February. The elementary school will only be having classes through the third grade this year. We have hired our teachers, distributed the curriculum, and registered 65 students who will no longer have to walk 10 miles a day to go to school. 

Diane and I would like to express our gratitude for making it possible for us to be a part of the harvest of souls in Sierra Leone. 

Please continue to pray for our son, Jim, who is battling esophageal cancer. 

Dr. Mike and  Diane Peper

Greetings from Sierra Leone,

As you may know, the Rawlings Foundation has invested in Youth camps in countries around the world and one of those countries is Sierra Leone. My Son-in-law and daughter are privileged to represent the Rawlings Foundation by overseeing the camp.  The camp is located on 42 acres of beach-front property.  The Foundation is in the process of developing the camp and have already completed a pavilion, kitchen, dug a well, and have a good start on landscaping the property.  

Although the camp has not been completed, it has already hosted thousands of young people with thousands of young people being saved. Though Sierra Leone is a predominately Muslim country, the camp has already proven itself to be a bridge in reaching the Muslim young people of this country. 

Two weeks ago an Islamic high school came to the camp with 543 students in attendance.   Out of that number, 378 accepted Christ along with the Principal, the Vice Principal, and

6 of the teachers.  We are so excited about the future of this ministry. 

Youth Camp with over 500 Senior High from Muslim
School hearing about and singing about Jesus

Our 14 churches had 82 accepting Christ last month. We are planning a special baptism service on December 15th. 

Thank you for your faithful support of the ministry. Diane and I are so grateful for each of you

Dr. Mike and  Diane Peper

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