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Village of Morinca Hears Gospel for the First Time:        April 2022

Last Friday our pastors met and went together to Morinca and the surrounding villages for the purpose of sharing the Gospel with the people who had never before heard the "Good News". 

We had sent our staff to the village earlier in the week in preparation for this event.  When the preachers arrived, they were each assigned to a village and someone from that particular village was there to escort them.  The people were waiting and each pastor delivered the message of death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  When the invitation was given and the names of those who received Christ were recorded  and added together from each respective village, it totaled 1,042 professions of faith.  

As I sit here writing this letter, I am still overwhelmed with what has just transpired. I think about you who had made all of this possible and how God has allowed us to be here at this stage of our lives, and about God's great love for these people. 

This last week we sent a team back to the villages to begin discipling those who had been saved. They went to all 15 villages and taught the material on salvation and eternal security.   We also sent the Land Surveyor out to mark the property that the community has donated to us for a church and school.  They also donated a second acre of land for us to construct an elementary school, a secondary school, and a church building.  The community is going to take another acre of land adjacent to our property and allow us to develop it into a sport field.  While we are putting all of this together we will build some bathroom facilities as well as a baptistry.  

On the day our pastors went to present Christ to the people, it was the first day of Ramadan and 1,042 Muslim people became believers in Christ.  Among them were 4 Sheks.   Our discipleship team was able to lead another Shek and his assistant, along with 3 other  people to Christ.  


One of our pastors is eager to move to Morinca to begin his ministry among those people. 


We need your prayers and assistance as we step through this open door.  Please pray for our combined service on Easter Sunday.   

In Christ,

Mike and Diane Peper

Mike and Diane Peper

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As you may know, the Rawlings Foundation has invested in Youth camps in countries around the world and one of those countries is Sierra Leone. My Son-in-law and daughter are privileged to represent the Rawlings Foundation by overseeing the camp.  The camp is located on 42 acres of beach-front property.  The Foundation is in the process of developing the camp and have already completed a pavilion, kitchen, dug a well, and have a good start on landscaping the property.  

Although the camp has not been completed, it has already hosted thousands of young people with thousands of young people being saved. Though Sierra Leone is a predominately Muslim country, the camp has already proven itself to be a bridge in reaching the Muslim young people of this country. 

Two weeks ago an Islamic high school came to the camp with 543 students in attendance.   Out of that number, 378 accepted Christ along with the Principal, the Vice Principal, and

6 of the teachers.  We are so excited about the future of this ministry. 

Youth Camp with over 500 Senior High from Muslim School hearing about and singing about Jesus
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