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Ministry News from Dr. Mike Peper

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Sierra Leone

Vicki and Abdul Conteh

Dr. Mike and  Diane Peper


May Newsletter 

“...Our schedule is to begin construction on the administration building in September. . ”

Dear Pastor and Church,

The deed for the Institute property is in the hands of our lawyer. The recording of the deed is a slower process than I anticipated. It will be another two to four weeks to complete the paperwork. In the meantime, the security building has been completed, the land has been graded and the site work drawings are in the hands of an engineer. Our schedule is to begin construction on the administration building in September. 

I want to keep you updated on the project as we go along, because we need your prayers and financial assistance. Our goal is to have the campus open in September of 2027.

We are entering into a new section of the Port Loko district this month. We have identified six villages in which we want to start churches and construct buildings. Two of the villages are large enough to require schools. The name of the section is very difficult to pronounce, so I will refer to this section as “Konta Line.”

I did the same thing with the “Morica Section” because the name of that section is difficult to pronounce, as well.

We have already started a church in the Konta Line Village, and they averaged 123 in the month of April. Though the entire section is Muslim, they are anxious for us to come and evangelize their community.

We want to start in Konta Line by digging a well and constructing the school and church building at a cost of $25,000. I would like to bring the sand, cement, and stone for the foundation building slab and the making of the blocks before the heavy rains that come in the middle of June. The estimated cost of these materials is around $5,000. Thank you for all you do in helping us to reach these people for Christ.

In Christ,

Mike and Diane


Mike and Diane Peper

P.S. Our church averaged 1,749 in April with 304 

accepting Christ as Savior.

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Baptistry in Ratoma .jpg

The Baptistry being built at Ratoma Church Building - over 100 wait to be baptized May 26th. 

Our Freetown New Beginnings 6th grade students take their entrance exams in order to go to Secondary School

Morrica  school_church building.jpg

Church/School buiding in Morrica that is just like the one needed in Konta Line Village. Averaging 123 each week already.

As you may know, the Rawlings Foundation has invested in Youth camps in countries around the world and one of those countries is Sierra Leone. My Son-in-law and daughter are privileged to represent the Rawlings Foundation by overseeing the camp.  The camp is located on 42 acres of beach-front property.  The Foundation is in the process of developing the camp and have already completed a pavilion, kitchen, dug a well, and have a good start on landscaping the property.  

Youth Camp with over 500 Senior High from Muslim School hearing about and singing about Jesus

Although the camp has not been completed, it has already hosted thousands of young people with thousands of young people being saved. Though Sierra Leone is a predominately Muslim country, the camp has already proven itself to be a bridge in reaching the Muslim young people of this country. 

Two weeks ago an Islamic high school came to the camp with 543 students in attendance.   Out of that number, 378 accepted Christ along with the Principal, the Vice Principal, and

6 of the teachers.  We are so excited about the future of this ministry. 

Mission Agency: Central Missionary Clearing House,   P.O. Box 219228,  Houston, TX 77218   Phone 610-451-6651
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