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Sierra Leone

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Dr. Mike and  Diane Peper

Sierra Leone- January 2022

Diane and I returned from Sierra Leone in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas with our family.    I will leave for the field January 11th.   Diane will not be traveling with me, but she is planning to return in April.   

I have put together some goals for this year that I would like to share with you.   They are as follows:

  1. Start 2 new churches this year.

  2. Begin a monthly Fellowship Meeting with our pastors. I tried this several years ago but they were not ready for this at that time. I believe they are ready now.

  3. Further develop our Bible Institute and see an increase in enrollment to 50 students by September. 

  4. Start another elementary school. We presently have 6 schools. We also want to start our first secondary school in Freetown.  

  5. Complete the building for our church in Waterloo and erect a new building for the church in Levuma.  They presently meet in a corrugated steel building which is extremely hot during the dry season. I would like to do this net month We need approximately $3000.00 for this church. 

  6. We are praying for over 500 in attendance and the Leadership Conference.  We are moving the meeting to May 23rd - 27th.   Hopefully this will help us avoid the rainy days of June.

  7. Please pray for the combined church service on Easter Sunday.  We had 760 in attendance last year and we pray for over 1,000 at this meeting. 

  8. We are planning to conduct 2 seminars this year for our pastors and their wives.  We want these to be very practical for the pastors, but especially a help to their wives. 

Thank you so much for what you did last year.  Your prayers, support, and special offerings made such a difference in the ministry.   thank you for making it possible for us to have a new dependable vehicle in sierra Leone.   May God richly bless you during the new year. 

In Christ,

Mike and Diane Peper

Mike and Diane Peper

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As you may know, the Rawlings Foundation has invested in Youth camps in countries around the world and one of those countries is Sierra Leone. My Son-in-law and daughter are privileged to represent the Rawlings Foundation by overseeing the camp.  The camp is located on 42 acres of beach-front property.  The Foundation is in the process of developing the camp and have already completed a pavilion, kitchen, dug a well, and have a good start on landscaping the property.  

Although the camp has not been completed, it has already hosted thousands of young people with thousands of young people being saved. Though Sierra Leone is a predominately Muslim country, the camp has already proven itself to be a bridge in reaching the Muslim young people of this country. 

Two weeks ago an Islamic high school came to the camp with 543 students in attendance.   Out of that number, 378 accepted Christ along with the Principal, the Vice Principal, and

6 of the teachers.  We are so excited about the future of this ministry. 

Youth Camp with over 500 Senior High from Muslim School hearing about and singing about Jesus
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