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Dr. Mike and  Diane Peper

Two Successful Conferences in May 2022


The Moorica Village Project building materials arrived on site this week.  The people have been digging the well for the last two weeks and have finally reached water.  This will be the first well in this sector of villages and as a result, they should have cleaner water than what they have been drinking from the nearby river.   Construction will begin on the school building and three small church buildings as well as toilet facilities and a baptistry.  The school building will be used for the main church building in Moorica has been averaging 300 each Sunday since we started.  

The contractor has finished the slab for the second floor of the Waterloo Church building.  The members are making the blocks for the second story after which the roof will go on the building. We would like to complete this project before school begins in September. 


The Lavuma Church Project is the next project and after that is completed we will begin the Byrn Lane School Project.  


Our churches reported 113 saved last month in the services and 147 have completed the discipleship material.  I will be conducting baptismal service for our churches upon our return to Sierra Leone in September.   

My goal this summer is to visit as many supporting churches as possible and focus on raising new support for the expanded expenses of the work.  I am happy to report that we had two new churches partner with us.  Our goal is for at least 8 more new churches by the end of this year.  

Thank you so much for your faithful support and gifts given toward many projects that are being addressed in Sierra Leone at this time.  We are extremely grateful for all of you who have partnered with us in this ministry.   Please pray for our great staff in our absence.  

In Christ,

Mike and Diane Peper

Mike and Diane Peper

P.S. Diane and I celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary during the very successful Military Leadership Conference.   

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As you may know, the Rawlings Foundation has invested in Youth camps in countries around the world and one of those countries is Sierra Leone. My Son-in-law and daughter are privileged to represent the Rawlings Foundation by overseeing the camp.  The camp is located on 42 acres of beach-front property.  The Foundation is in the process of developing the camp and have already completed a pavilion, kitchen, dug a well, and have a good start on landscaping the property.  

Although the camp has not been completed, it has already hosted thousands of young people with thousands of young people being saved. Though Sierra Leone is a predominately Muslim country, the camp has already proven itself to be a bridge in reaching the Muslim young people of this country. 

Two weeks ago an Islamic high school came to the camp with 543 students in attendance.   Out of that number, 378 accepted Christ along with the Principal, the Vice Principal, and

6 of the teachers.  We are so excited about the future of this ministry. 

Youth Camp with over 500 Senior High from Muslim School hearing about and singing about Jesus
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