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Dr. Pastor and Churches

Last May the Rawlings Foundation began to provide camps for the young people of Sierra Leone. My son-in-law, who works with them, began the process of setting up for the day camps and helped the first two-day camp. Since that time there have been 3,693 students attending and 1,993 that have made profession of faith.  Of course, the majority of these are Muslim young people. 

We are in the process of putting together a team of young men and women that will go back into the schools that have allowed their students to attend camp with the purpose of establishing Bible Clubs in the schools and to encourage those who got saved at camp to become involved with our churches. 

As you may know, Bearing Precious Seed of Milford, Ohio, has provided every active military and police in Sierra Leone with a complete copy of the word of God. this Year they are printing Bibles for the Fire Force, along with all the Correctional Officers.              


In addition to that, they are preparing 1,000,000 copies of John and Romans to be distributed among all the school students throughout the country. Many of our supporting churches have helped financially with the expenses of these projects for which we want to say      " Thank You". 

Our Annual Leadership seminar with the military will take place the first week of June. Please pray for this meeting. This year we will have representatives, not only from Guinea and Liberia, but from Ivory Coast and Mali as well. the cost of this meeting will exceed $5,000.   If you can help with this project in any way, please do so. The needs at this time are great. 

In Christ,

Dr. Mike and Diane Peper
Mission Agency: Central Missionary Clearing House,   P.O. Box 219228,    Houston, TX 77218       Phone 610-451-6651

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