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A Note from Mike and Diane Peper

February came and brought a whirlwind of servants. Pastor Tyson Wahl from Sayre, PA came with three of his members and conducted Youth Seminar for our churches while his people repaired our vehicles, put a roof on our Bible Institute building, and presented our school children with a VBS program. We had 178 present and 57 saved in VBS. During that week they were also involved with one of our youth camps and had 606 students present and 529 saved. Pastor Tyson preached at our Combined Church Service last Sunday and there were 637 adults and 423 children present where 108 were saved and 29 baptized. Thank you, Pastor Tyson, team, and church for all that you have done for this ministry.


Last week was the Annual Armed Forces week. The military asked me to lead them in a Re-dedication Service as well as participate in laying the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It was truly a wonderful experience in my life. In our churches last month there were 225 saved and 45 baptized. The total number of students attending the Rawlings Foundation camps for January and February were 3,762 and the total number saved was 2,750.


The students of three of our academies joined together for a yearly sports day. The parents, teachers, and children all enjoyed a fantastic time together.

We are always grateful for your support and prayers on behalf of this ministry. We rejoice at the continued blessings of God upon the ministry here in Sierra Leone.

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