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From the left, Susan Dumbuya, Kadi Bundu, Osman Bundu, Akrem Fsshaye (I know her as Jolly) and Emma Sesay.

If you’ve been following Mike Peper and the work with Salt and Light Ministries of Sierra Leone for any amount of time, you may have seen pictures of him and his lovely wife, Diane. And there's Abdul and Vickie. But there’s a team beyond Mike and Diane all with unique positions. I'm still learning the who's and what's of it all. But all I know for sure is that they need to be covered with our prayers. Pastors Abdul Conteh and David Silllah led a revival, reaching many. Just think of it, in one evening, sixty-five people chose to make Jesus their savior. What a celebration!


Here are shots from the revival ... it's incredible to look in and watch.

Videos coming soon!

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Dr. Mike’s mission has always been to reach the people of Sierra Leone and tell them about Jesus. Recently, visitors from Sayre Pennsylvania’s Crossroads Baptist Church helped reach some of Sierra Leone's younger generations. Pastor Tyson Wahc and the eleven New Beginnings Baptist churches held a three-day teaching youth conference to do just that, with a purpose of strengthening the youths’ love for their savior.

The Bible Institute is moving ahead with its building program, with the help of volunteer Mr. Shawn Schutt as he helped roof the new facility.

Reaching the youngsters also burdens the hearts of the mission leaders. Ms. Meredith Tigue told different Bible stories as the children colored pictures of Jesus.

Do you think you have nothing to offer in missions? Think again. Volunteer David Whipple spent time working on cars. Dr. Mike had communicated with him before he arrived regarding what was needed, the David came with car parts and tools, ready to go to work. What a blessing he was to the team. Lives were changed during the three-day conference. Did it happen when mid-day meals were offered ... was it when the littles colored pictures of Jesus ... was it when a visiting teacher offered a hug. You never know how God will use you. Ask the folks in Sierra Leone. Their answers may surprise us.

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Dr. Mike led a three-day revival at Metchem. Pastors Sillah, Sovula and Abdul supported the event as well. Dr. Mike knows that for people to believe you want to reach them for Christ, you must first show them you understand who they are. He shares openly of his own live—how he used to only care about the world and nothing about God. But God never let him go, whispering to him as he made one bad decision after another. But that all changed when he gave his heart to Jesus Christ. And now, he stood before them as a man who has been sharing God’s promise of salvation to listeners for over fifty years.

Mike shares how grateful his is now that he is a child of God. And he encouraged others to accept Christ, too, telling them that He is the only savior this world has. That there is no other way except through Him.

They showed a movie of Jesus Christ in Krio, the local language of Sierra Leone. They broke it into three parts, and showed a part on each day of the revival. The movie moved those who watched it. They gave it their full attention. All was going very well.

On the second day, however, there were challenges with the electrical power source.

But nothing deterred Dr. Mike and the others leading the revival. Flashlights were used for lighting (you can see how people in the audience were holding them.). And he had to talk in his loudest voice possible so people could hear his message. They had even placed bibles on each chair for all who attended.

After the last day of the revival … after the last clips of the film … Dr. Mike spoke again of the power of Jesus, and that he left heaven to live with us. He came as 100% God and 100% man. Jesus became Man so he could be loaded with our sin and become the perfect sacrifice. Dr. Mike shared that God ever accepts anything imperfect. That’s why Jesus could take on our sin … because he was 100% perfect. When Dr. Mike finished, Pastor Sovula asked everyone who wanted to accept Christ as their savior, too. Just as Dr. Mike had. And just as the other pastors had. Many decisions were made at the end of the revival by people who decided to follow Christ as their savior.

Please continue to pray for our Christian brothers and sisters in Sierra Leone. The people of this great region love Jesus, but there are so many more to reach. Loving Jesus is powerful ... no matter what language is spoken.

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