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Reaching the Next Generations

Dr. Mike’s mission has always been to reach the people of Sierra Leone and tell them about Jesus. Recently, visitors from Sayre Pennsylvania’s Crossroads Baptist Church helped reach some of Sierra Leone's younger generations. Pastor Tyson Wahc and the eleven New Beginnings Baptist churches held a three-day teaching youth conference to do just that, with a purpose of strengthening the youths’ love for their savior.

The Bible Institute is moving ahead with its building program, with the help of volunteer Mr. Shawn Schutt as he helped roof the new facility.

Reaching the youngsters also burdens the hearts of the mission leaders. Ms. Meredith Tigue told different Bible stories as the children colored pictures of Jesus.

Do you think you have nothing to offer in missions? Think again. Volunteer David Whipple spent time working on cars. Dr. Mike had communicated with him before he arrived regarding what was needed, the David came with car parts and tools, ready to go to work. What a blessing he was to the team. Lives were changed during the three-day conference. Did it happen when mid-day meals were offered ... was it when the littles colored pictures of Jesus ... was it when a visiting teacher offered a hug. You never know how God will use you. Ask the folks in Sierra Leone. Their answers may surprise us.

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