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There's a happening going on in the streets Sierra Leone.

Orientation Day for the opening of the Theology College, located at the New Beginnings Baptist Mission / Metchem, Godrich Branch.

The main reason to open this Institution of Theology in Sierra Leone is, to produce godly, motivated students prepared for ministry with adequate knowledge of the scripture. The institution provides a library for the students’ body which contains many volumes of books, pamphlets, tapes and audiovisual that helps students’ use in applying the words and teachings of God. It has partnered with the Louisiana Baptist University (LBU) in the United States of America. The Bachelor degree will be issued by LBU upon the completion of the students’ study.

Staff member Miss Emma Grace Sesay started the orientation by welcoming and declaring the purpose of the program to the invited students, teachers, church members, and staffs.

The stage was led by one of our pastors and lectures called Pastor Dauda David Sillah.

Opening prayers by Daniel Kargbo.

The Head of Mission President and Founder Dr. Mike L. Peper gave an opening speech telling the missions and goals of New Beginnings Baptist Mission. He said the vision of the organization is to capture Sierra Leone for Christ and impact West Africa and beyond. He also talks about the mission, vision, and goal of the Institution of Theology.

The Colonel Moses Kargbo was there at the program honoring the New Beginnings Baptist Mission and explaining how happy he is to be part of our mission. He also mentioned that our churches are different comparing to the other churches in Sierra Leone, in the way our pastors preach and teach the word of God. He admired our mission saying that it is the only mission which is working on spreading the genuine word of God without any other agenda in Sierra Leone.

The closing of the program was handled by Pastor Joseph Sovula. He ended by thanking God, the head of mission, the chaplain, the staff members, teachers, and students.

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